Our Services

healthcare Staffing Services

Connecting qualified professionals with top healthcare institutions for seamless patient care and optimal staffing solutions.

HajJ & Umrah operations

Providing hassle-free and spiritually enriching journeys, ensuring a fulfilling pilgrimage experience for all.

Manpower recruitment

Your trusted partner in sourcing skilled talents, empowering businesses with the right personnel for success.

Visa processing

Simplifying the visa application process, ensuring a smooth and efficient pathway to global opportunities.

Who are we?

Established in 1978, Sikander Consultants & Management has emerged as a leading manpower recruitment and visa processing company in India. Recognized by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs (License No. B-1486/MUM/PART/1000+/9855/2022), we are also authorized by The Royal Saudi Arabian Embassy in Delhi and The Royal Consulate General in Mumbai.

With our extensive expertise, we cater to diverse needs, be it large corporations seeking a wide range of skilled workers or individuals in search of non-technical support staff. Our commitment is to simplify, expedite, and comprehensively handle every step of the process.

As a trusted partner, we ensure seamless transactions, keeping the interests of both employers and job seekers at heart. Our legacy of excellence spans decades, and we continue to provide exceptional services to clients and candidates alike. Choose Sikander Consultants & Management for unparalleled support on your journey towards success.

Our Healthcare Clients

Our Manpower Recruitment Clients